"The Executive Director of the U.S.P.A. [United States Polo Association] is raving about the website, 'One of the best in the US Polo scene!' You're amazing! And the photos of the last match [view photos] are beautiful!"
   — Dan Harrison, director, Cascade Polo Club (wordpress website)

"It is passing strange to me that some photographers have such a knack for portraiture. One of my freelancers has the gift. She captures people's essence, their soul, in a way none of the others, good as they are, can. It smacks of magic, but I think it has something to do with profound empathy."
   — Jim Cornelius, Editor, Nugget Newspaper

"The tapestry was a sensation! I can't explain it in words… people were simply amazed by its uniqueness, creativity, humor, and its educational value. Thank you very much again for your creative work. Above all, Claude Allègre was very happy."
   — Nobu Shimizu, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
About the 2007 revision of the Allègre poster
for the American Geophysical Union conference, Dec. 2007

"We were impressed with your patience and the great quality of photos that you took of our family — you were undaunted by the task of capturing the essence of my 2 year-old twins in photos. We were amazed when the twin, who had previously had a meltdown in a photo studio, toddled over to hug you!"
   — S.G.

"I have been trying for years to take a photo of my wife that shows her spirit, and never got one. You captured her spirit in that photo so well! I love it!"
   — R.P.

"Your design of my website is clean and elegant. Your artistic sense gave the photographs meaningful cohesion, and your clear and forthright communication makes it easy to work with you. I am proud to send potential publishers and clients to view my work via my website."
   — Mark Story, Photographer, Commercial Film Director
re: Living in Three Centuries project

"Thank you for sending me a copy of your Visionaries Brochure. You should win an Emmy, not only for your TV series, but for the quality of your brochure materials… it is really outstanding."
   — John F. Crohan, President, Talk America Radio Network

"You do such wonderful things to photographs!…

Great job, and you know, I would have settled for the first version if that was all you said we could do, but you have such a great feel for what can look even better! I really do admire your talent for this; you take much pride in doing it the best you can.

Thanks again for your wonderfully prompt attention to my ad stuff—I can't tell you what a relief it is to be able to trust it to your capable hands and eyes!"
   — Heather McGrath, Owner, Simpler Pleasures Interior Design

"Thank you once again for all of your beautiful maps — people have already been complimenting them!"
   — Ed Webster, Author